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Essential Property & Retail Software Inc.

Property, Lease Administration, Facilities, Asset and Retail Intelligence Software since 1994


Just for Retailers

Since 1994 Essentials has provided low cost software to retail chains in the USA UK and Europe to help them manage their Property, Lease Administration, Facilities Management, Store Development, Retail Intelligence, Franchise and general  Contract Management requirements.

Essentials understands Retail

Essentials understands retail, property, facilities and asset management. Essentials  understands how to work with limited budgets and short implementation times. Essentials are uniquely structured so that you deal with a senior employee who is typically a CPA with an extensive retail background.

Typical Customer Profile

  • Retail chain with 50 to 400 stores
  • Integrate Rent/CAM etc with Accounting
  • Online access to leases and documents
  • Manage projects, refurbishments, R&M
  • Has a limited budget
  • Limited time to implement
  • In house and/or web based system.

Essentials deals with:-

- Regional Malls

- Strip Centers

- Freestanding locations

- High street locations

- Sub leases

- Complex accounting requirements

- Meeting your specific needs

Essentials will also assist you in meeting you Sarbanes-Oxley obligations.