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Essential Property & Retail Software Inc.

Property, Lease Administration, Facilities, Asset and Retail Intelligence Software since 1994


About Essentials

Essential has been focused on the Retail industry since 1994.

Essential has a senior and specialized team with strong accounting, property, systems and project skills.

Essential has a management team of partners, responsible for managing all aspects of the customer relationship. Each partner has specific responsibility for specific customers. This enables Essentials to quickly bring the appropriate resources to bear to meet customer requirements.

Essential is privately owned by its employees and other investors in the USA and UK. 

Essential provides a wide range of software and services to meet the needs of retailers. The products and services that are provided help large and small retailers to manage their properties and related assets.

Essential has a policy of customer driven research and development. Customer needs, either existing or upcoming determine the direction of development.


Interesting facts

- Average employee age 42

- Average length of service 7 yrs

- Average time in Retail 11 yrs

- Average response time for support 30min

- Average time for problem resolution 24 hours

- Average time to sign a new customer from first contact -2yrs