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Essential Property & Retail Software Inc.

Property, Lease Administration, Facilities, Asset and Retail Intelligence Software since 1994



Essential is a supplier of low cost software and services to Retailers. Essential is committed to providing outstanding service to retailers at the lowest sustainable cost. To do achieve this Essential actively drives its own costs down where this can be achieved without compromising service levels.

Essentials partners run the business with two objectives in mind. These are "To deliver outstanding service" and "To be profitable".

Partner Email Contacts

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Greg Macpherson - Senior Partner -

Charles O'Connor - Senior Partner -

Carmel Andrews - Senior Partner -

Sue Fellowes - Partner -

Wayne Thompson - Partner -

Bruce Tucker - Partner -    

Reducing Costs

  • Use third party personnel and administration services.
  • Use third party web hosting services.
  • Use external accounting services.
  • Use external legal services.
  • Locate employees near customers.
  • No expensive hotels.
  • Low cost airlines/flights.
  • Low cost car rental.

But not Service

  • All support within Essentials.

  • All development within Essentials.