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Essential Property & Retail Software Inc.

Property, Lease Administration, Facilities, Asset and Retail Intelligence Software since 1994



Essentials can provide a number of services that will assist both in the initial setup of the software/services and their ongoing operation. These include:   

Pre Installation Consulting.
Reviewing inputs, processes and required outputs.
Price. $950 per day.

Project Management.
Managing all aspects of your project.
Price. $1250 per day.

Data Entry & Conversion.
Create your database from your existing data.
Price. Fixed price quote.

Generic or custom designed courses.
Price. $950 per day.

Consulting & Advisory.
Consulting and advice from a Senior Partner.
Price. $1450 - $2,000 per day.

Payment Travel Tax

  • Fixed price quotes require 50% with order, balance on delivery.
  • Per day services invoiced weekly, payable 14 days from invoice.
  • All on-site services attract an additional charge for Travel and Accommodation.
  • Taxes are additional to prices quoted.